Real Racing 3 – Car Game for Free Download & Play on PC

Enjoy the Award-Winning Franchise on PC! Experience a real-life car racing adventure on Real Racing 3! Enjoy this award-winning car racing adventure on your PC for the first time. This is the multi-awarded racing franchise that you have been waiting for, so download a free RR3 game for PC now!

With over 200 million downloads, you get to join millions of players from different parts of the world. This game garnered many awards and nominations from gaming critics and organizations. It won the Best Action, Adventure, Arcade & Racing Game in the TabbyAwards 2014 and the Best Mobile Game during the 2013 Mobile Excellence Award. It also won Game of the Year in the 2013 Game Connect Asia Pacific.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this award-winning game today for free and experience high-quality racing with the best graphics, visuals and sound effects on your PC’s big screen.

Race in Different Types of Tracks & Real-World Locations

Step on the gas and speed up in different types of race tracks and locations. Real Racing 3 is designed with real-world locations and an official roster of licensed tracks. There are over 39 official circuits to choose from, and you can race in over 17 different racing locations.

These racing locations include the popular Dubai Autodrome, Silverstone, Le Mans, and so much more! Go on full speed and burn rubber in the game’s detailed tracks and car grids. Put yourself behind the wheel in this epic sports car racing game and race towards the finish line.

Compete Against Friends

Go head to head and bumper to bumper on Real Racing 3 online! Challenge friends and enemies to an intense racing adventure in the game’s global 8-player competition. Race against opponents in real-time or compete in over 4,000 events that include Cup Races, Eliminations, and Tournaments!

If you need more practice, you can race against AI in Time-Shifted Multiplayer Mode. You can also challenge yourself in Time Trials and Night Racing Mode! Improve your driving, reflex, and drifting skills with Real Racing 3’s Time Shifted Multiplayer technology which allows you to race anyone at any time.

Thousands of Tournaments & Events

When you are ready for the big leagues, you can then join the game’s 8-player competition where you can quickly rank in Real Racing 3’s global leaderboards! Prove yourself as a true King of Speed in a real-time racing competition that is attended by players from different parts of the world.

Aside from racing competitions, you can join daily events, tournaments, eliminations and endurance challenges. Real Racing 3 online offers you a rich and ever-expanding racing community with the most advanced cross-platform technology ever.

Customize & Upgrade Real Racing 3 Cars

You will be astounded by the Real Racing 3 car list! This game features over 200 types of real sports cars ranging from Ferraris, Lamborghini, Ford, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, and more! Get behind the wheel of these carefully designed race cars for the most epic car racing competition ever.

You can even get the chance to upgrade and customize your favorite race cars on Real Racing 3 PC! As you win more races and tournaments, you can unlock more car choices and customizations. Maximize car performance with tons of car upgrades, and show off your swag with different types of car paints, vinyl, rims, and more! Install new car parts and accessories to personalize your racing experience and show off your style while you are at it.

Join A Premier Racing Experience

With its detailed cars, official track circuits, real-world locations, and cross-platform gameplay technology, it cannot be denied that Real Racing 3 can give you a premier racing experience on PC. Get ready for a real HD racing experience with Real Racing 3 PC!

You can tweak its viewing settings so you can enjoy the car action from different camera angles and functional rearview mirrors. It is a next-gen racing experience that comes complete with a growing and supportive racing community. Experience a rich racing game on PC with Real Racing 3 online!

Why Play Real Racing 3 on PC?

Although Real Racing 3 is also developed for mobile use, the game can be experienced on PC too. The racing experience gets better when you play it on PC. This game requires at least an extra 1.5 GB storage space to function properly. And due to its high-quality visuals and content, you need a high-end mobile device to run the game smoothly.

If your mobile phone cannot accommodate the required specs for this game, your best bet is to download and try playing it on PC instead! You don’t need a high-end PC either, you only need one that is still in good condition. Playing Real Racing 3 on PC will give you a smoother racing adventure experience, and you can fully enjoy the game’s high-quality visuals on a bigger and better screen. Download and play this exciting racing game for PC!

Game Features

  • Great graphics
  • Multi-awarded racing adventure game
  • Choose from over 200 sleek sports cars.
  • Compete in tournaments and daily events.
  • Race in over 39 tracks and 17 real-world locations.
  • Enjoy a premier racing experience.

Download & Play Real Racing 3 on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Real Racing 3 Screenshot
Real Racing 3 Screenshot

Real Racing 3 – Car Game for Free Download & Play on PC