All About Real Racing 3: Get to Know the Hit Game

Real Racing 3 is a game by Firemonkeys Studios and Electronic Arts. It is the third installment of the hugely popular Real Racing series. With its awards, popularity, and quality, it became a sought-after game in the industry. Although as a freemium game, it was inferior in comparison to its predecessors, it was still a game that didn’t fail to provide high-quality racing adventure.


Additionally, Real Racing 3’s gameplay and features are highly realistic and commendable. With its use of actual licensed cars and real race car drivers, it will give an immersive experience to the players. Moreover, it features real internationally-acclaimed race tracks as well. The game is sure to provide a realistic vision of the Motorsport industry to the players.

Real Racing 3 Gameplay

In this game, players have the chance to live the life of a racer. Starting with a Formula 1 racing car, they will be competing in several events. Based on their performance, they will earn “fame points” and gold coins. Aside from that, a player can earn race dollars and motorsport dollars as well. These currencies along with the gold coins can help the player in purchasing cars and upgrading/customizing them.

There are series in the game that players can participate in. Within these series, there are tiers that are divided into races. Players will be competing in races to unlock tiers and to finish series. After completing each series, they will receive race dollars and gold coins.

You can also play against your friends by synchronizing your social media account with the game. However, if you prefer playing with AI, it is allowed in the game as well. This is made possible by Time Shifted Multiplayer. It is a special feature where players will not be playing in real time. Specifically, you will be beating each other’s recorded lap times.

This realistic racing game is sure to keep players buckled up on their seats. Experience top-notch racing on PC through this game. Download and play Real Racing 3 now!