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Real Racing 3 Welcomes 2020 Season Formula 1®

Last September, Real Racing 3 launched the latest season of Formula 1®. This year is quite special since it is Formula 1®’s 70th anniversary. Firemonkeys Studios and Electronic Arts made sure to make it a memorable one with its game updates and other surprises. There will be new cars, tuning setups, special and limited-time events, motorsports content, and more. Aside from that, there are updates on race team challenges and drivers and principals as well.

New Cars

As the new season arrives, there are new cars available for the players as well. Aside from that, the developer also did some adjustments to the new cars. It includes handling adjustments that they based on the previous year’s feedback. Moreover, they made sure that this year’s cars will have less grip to improve performance in low-speed corners. On the other hand, high speed turns remain the same as the previous season.

New cars include Renault R.S.20, Red Bull Racing RB16, AlphaTauri AT01, Ferrari SF1000, and Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance. Players can also look forward to Haas VF-20, Alfa Romeo Racing C39, McLaren MCL35, Racing Point RP20, and Williams FW43. The aforementioned car models are the new Formula 1® cars. As for the road collection cars, Porsche 935 (2019) was added to the roster.

New Content

There is a lot of additional content that players can enjoy in this new season in Real Racing 3. Starting with tuning setups which they added in line with the players’ responses. Tuning setups help players tune their cars outside of special events. The first will be for free and will later cost motorsport dollars. Aside from improving the car, tuning gives Principal XP as well.

In addition, some events that are added as well. For special events, they added Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2020 which started last September 8. In this event, players can get M$200,000, 50 Gold, a tuning setup, and a car of their choice. Moreover, Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2020 is another special event for the players which started last September 18. Here, players can receive M$200,000, 75 Gold, a tuning setup, and a car of their choice.


There are additional limited-time events also. Starting with Koenigsegg Agera RS Championship which started last September 28 and ended on October 4. Players received Koenigsegg Agera RS, 60 Gold, and R$250,000. Another event is Formula 1® 2020 Dim Mak TTC. It started last September 29 and will end on October 12. Participants will be receiving Dim Mak livery for the F1® Academy Car and Gold. Lastly, the Porsche 935 Championship which started last October 6 and will end on October 12. The rewards are Porsche 935 (2019), 75 Gold, and R$250,000.

Aside from those, there are additional motorsports content and bonus series as well. There is so much new content in store for the players in this new season!

Real Racing 3 Game Updates

A new season isn’t complete without updates and adjustments in the system. As per the players’ suggestions, there are changes in drivers and principals. The motorsport dollar cost of Motorsport Driver training was lowered. This will make leveling up easier for the players. Moreover, for 2020 Endurance GT Cars and Season 6 ABB Formula E Drivers, Driver power has been increased for a bit. There are new bonuses as well for those who have reached max level.

The developers also responded to the cheating problem in Race Teams Challenges. According to them, they will be conducting a series of stress tests on the Challenges. This is why there will be a minor disruption on the schedule of the Challenges for now. In addition, the developers are encouraging the players to add more suggestions so that they can improve the game.

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