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Real Racing 3 Gameplay & Features Factsheet

The developers aim to give players a satisfying racing experience through Real Racing 3. With the gameplay, its update, and other features, it is common to have a few misconceptions. Although it is a normal occurrence, it is still one of the things developers must pay attention to. Questions left unasked could discourage players and quit. Which is why we will address the most common queries of the players here. It is created with hopes that it will be able to answer the players’ queries. Aside from that, it will make them love the game more.

Race Teams

To avail this feature, players must reach a Driver Level of at least 10. They must have a social media account linked to their game as well. Once they have complied with the requirements, they can create or join a team.


It is up to the player whether they want to create or join a team. To create, they just need to fill in the necessary details and set their status to public or private. If it’s in public, anyone can join that team. Meanwhile, being set in private means that those who want to join must be approved by the Team Owner. On the other hand, joining a team is easier. Just click the “Join Team” button and start choosing from the list of public teams. Team Owners can also invite players, invite requests are in the Race Teams Hub.

Responses to Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Who can be the Team Owner?
A: Whoever created the team will automatically be the Team Owner. It is non-transferable and only the longest-serving member can take over if the previous Team Owner leaves. 

Q: Is it possible to be a member of multiple teams?
A: A player can only be a member of one team at any time.

Q: How are the rewards split in a team?
A: Since it’s a team, the rewards will be split evenly.

Q: How do I provide Contributions to the team?
A: Contributions can only be submitted by completing events, and it must be submitted before the Challenge deadline.

Q: What happens when I get kicked out of the team?
A: Kicked members will not be able to receive their rewards. At the same time, their contribution to the team will be removed as well.

Tuning Setups & Drivers in Real Racing 3

As an additional feature in the game, it can be confusing to access this one. But basically, Motorsport Tuning Setup and Drivers provide alternatives for players as they strategize. The tuning setup helps players optimize their cars and win the race. Moreover, it expands their racing opportunities through special events.

On the other hand, the Drivers feature allows players to select a driver and a team. They will be leveling up their drivers by racing and acquiring experience points (XP). Through this feature, players are given an improved gaming experience by providing deeper integration.

Responses to Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to use the same car in the same Motorsport but multiple special events?
A: It is possible to use the same car in multiple special events as long as it’s in the same Motorsport. However, tuning setups, on the other hand, cannot be used in different special events.

Q: Can I uninstall a tuning setup?
A: As of now, players can only install and swap tuning setups. Tuning setups are additive and removing them is not possible. It will be in the inventory after purchase and can be modified when installed in a car.

Q: What is Purchasing Driver XP?
A: Purchasing Driver XP is something that can be acquired with real money through in-app purchases. However, this is purely optional. Drivers can still gain XP by driving.

Q: Is the power earned by the driver can be applied in multiple special events?
A: The power gained by the driver by leveling up stays with the driver regardless of the special event.

Suspensions & Bans

Some players who attempt to trick or cheat the game ended up getting suspended or banned in Real Racing 3. Although it is not permanent, suspensions can transpire for up to one year. In addition, repeat offenders receive a suspension message and undergo the same process.

Definition of Suspension Codes:

  • 10055 – for players who are currency cheating
  • 10045 – for players who cheated on the Time Trial
  • 10076 – for repeat offenders of the game’s Terms of Service
  • 10086 – for players who breached the game’s Terms of Service

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